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With the publication of The Colonel by F. C. Burnand, Pierre Marteau opens a branch in the nineteenth century. Not a Victorian branch, nor indeed a Romantic branch, and neither Biedermeider, Realismus or Naturalismus branches. In keeping with our practice in the late seventeenth- and early eighteenth-century Marteau, The Nineteenth-Century Marteau will host a diverse range of contributions meeting a nineteenth-century interest, whether or not they engage with any of the concepts of ‘periods’ which refer back to particular disciplines and nations. Our choice of URL [http://www.xix-e.pierre-marteau.com] was made so as to mark this CATHOLIC concern with the XIXe siècle which is fitting for a publishing house that has always been located (anywhere but) in the archiepiscopal city of Cologne.

Pierre Marteau’s particular business has ever been with materials whose public position is, in one way or another, ‘precarious’.

We honour this tradition by inaugurating our site with the publication of an unprinted play which, having achieved considerable success in the 1880s, has become one of the spectral ’also-rans’ of literary history – its connection with the attacks on the Aesthetic craze preventing it from being entirely forgotten, and its inaccessibility preventing it from being read. For the first time, students and scholars now have easy access to the text and its context.

No doubt the Nineteenth-Century Marteau will take time to grow. We may give fuller attention to material with precarious contents and precarious routes of circulation in a future section named after Holywell Street. We may include materials relating to the nineteenth-century periodical market. More ‘unprinted plays’ may follow in due course. As always, we welcome communications and leave you, in the meantime, to be edified by the determinedly harmless comedy of The Colonel

June, 2004 A.K.



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